Welcome to the Horseman's Cross Jewelry Collection
Each cross is cast and hand polished out of horseshoe nails.
Horses have 4 legs and it takes 4 nails to make our cross.
Unique in that many of our crosses are one of a kind.
you are an equestrian or a rodeo cowboy or cowgirl
You can understand why we wear a cross.

Finding a Cause

In the beginning, this business nearly failed as did other things in our lives due to cancer. After several bouts and years with the illness, my mother was finally declared cancer free. She still to this day, declares how proud she is of her little business, and what it has done for her. The desire to continue on brought Patsy to a many rodeos, horseman events, and arenas in Southern Louisiana. So to acknowledge all that struggles that others are going through, we are going to start as of 5/2/2016 donating a percentage of the sales to St Jude's Hospital.

With Love,



First Post

Welcome to The Horseman's Cross Jewelry Collection.
Inspired by a gentle giant of a horse who won the heart of everyone he met. One day as "E" was getting a new set of shoes an idea of taking his horseshoe nails and making a ring.
Then someone asked me for a cross for horse people and the first cross was cast from his nails to make the Horseman's cross.

Watches And More is proud to have the Horseman's Cross Jewelry Collection.

Cowboys, Cowgirls, Rodeo riders, Equitation people can appreciate the Horse Shoe Nail Cross designs.

Hand case in fine metals, there...